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Bring the excitement of the arts to your classroom.  Here you can explore lesson plans, get help with finding and writing grants, and discover links to national and state websites on assessment and standards.

Lesson Plan Ideas

Simple to use and engaging, these lesson plans were developed by Center for Arts-Inspired Learning teaching artists and other Northeast Ohio teachers.  Each lesson plan addresses specific art and academic state standards.

Sample Lesson Plans

  • Spring Clean Up
    Visual Art, Mathematics
    By Mandy Sanders
    download – 39k pdf
  • Wild Thing Illustration Creation
    First Grade
    Language Arts – Visual Art
    By Katy Neale
    download – 70k pdf
  • Shadow Puppets
    Grades 3-4
    Language Arts & Social Studies – Visual Art
    By Deb Wuliger
    download – 42k pdf
  • Architecture of the Future
    Grade 4
    Math – Visual Art
    By Susan Yingling
    download – 37k pdf
  • Polymer Clay and Geometric Forms
    Grades 4 – 8
    Mathematics and Visual Art
    By Susan Yingling
    download – 339k pdf
  • Flowers and Georgia O’Keeffe
    Grade 4
    Science and Visual Art
    By Susan Yingling and Julienne Hogarth
    download – 378k pdf
  • * Island of the Future
    Grade 5
    Language Arts & Social Studies – Visual Art
    By Cathy Fischer
    download – 248k pdf
  • Exploration into Egypt – Taking the Insides Out
    Grade 5
    Visual Art, Language Art and Social Studies
    By Kelley Wachhaus and Kathy Gill
    download – 24k pdf
  • Zebra Zebra Rat: Rhythm, Music and Literature
    Grades 1-5
    Language Arts and Music
    By Karla Banks
    download – 34k pdf
  • Our Community Is Our Art
    Grades 5-8 (multi-disabled)
    Language and Visual Art
    By Connie Remein
    download – 59k pdf
  • Writing a Movie Script with the Use of a Viewfinder
    Grades 6 and 8
    Language Arts and Visual Arts
    By Toni Mervine
    download – 35k pdf
  • Finding Parabolas
    Grades 8-11
    Pre-Alegebra & Algebra I or II – Visual Art
    By Carolyn Justice
    download – 27k pdf
  • Continuity and Steps: Musical and Mathematical
    Perspectives Grades 9 and 10
    Mathematics and Music
    By Matthew Wascher
    download – 63k pdf
  • Poe Readers’ Theater
    Grades 10-12
    American Literature, Drama and Dance
    By Susan Martin
    download – 38k pdf

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