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Cleveland schools seek $13 million from state for new buses, tablet computers and costs of a new “digital arts” high school

By Patrick O’Donnell, The Plain Dealer, October 28, 2013
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CHSfDA-titleCLEVELAND, Ohio – The Cleveland school district has asked the state to replace its aging buses, help start a new Cleveland High School for the Digital Arts, improve its Internet infrastructure and pay for 17,000 tablet computers so students can use online learning more.

The district submitted the four requests totaling about $13 million to the state Friday as applications for part of the $250 million available statewide through the new Straight A Fund. The fund was proposed by state Superintendent Richard Ross earlier this year when he was an education advisor for Gov. John Kasich. It aims to support innovations in schools or districts that improve education, save money or shift spending to classrooms. Read More ›

Leading Arts Education Organization Changes Its Name to Reflect Six Decades of Evolution.

Young Audiences of Northeast Ohio is now the Center for Arts-Inspired Learning; Mission Continues to Enrich the Lives of Children and Promote Creative Learning by Uniting Arts and Education

logoCleveland, OH (September 30, 2013)—In reaching its 60th year of service to the region, Young Audiences of Northeast Ohio announces a change to its identity, renaming the organization the Center for Arts-Inspired Learning to better reflect its mission, its programs today, and the services that it will provide to the region in the future. Read More ›

Young Audiences Becomes The Center For Arts-Inspired Learning

Thomas Mulready, Cool Cleveland

Cleveland artist Anna Arnold wins the first Arts Education award at the Icons of Art Party at the Renaissance Cleveland on Sat 09.27.13 as Young Audiences of Northeast Ohio announces their new identity: The Center for Arts-Inspired Learning.

Listen as Arnold explains how this 60 year-old organization serves students with arts education integrated with their curriculum, and helps artists earn a living by teaching. Watch the video here.

Young Audiences has a new name: the Center for Arts-Inspired Learning

Steven Litt, The Plain Dealer
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Young Audiences, a nonprofit organization that brings arts programming to students across Northeast Ohio, is celebrating its 60th anniversary on Friday with a new name and logo designed to better reflect its mission.

From now on, the organization will be known as the Center for Arts-Inspired Learning, or CAL.

The new moniker is intended to stress the participatory nature of the organization’s programming, which is aimed giving kids hands-on experience in music, dance, photography, theater, sculpture and other art forms at a time when public schools are cutting back radically on teaching the arts to save money. Read More ›

The Sound of Applause: Young Audiences

Dee Perry of ideastream helps celebrate the 60th anniversary of Young Audiences of Northeast Ohio with director Marsha Dobrzynski.

Listen to the interview here

Artistry in fruits and vegetables to inspire healthy choices

Vivian Goodman, WKSU
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Clearview High school student artists create a still-life mural for the cafeteria using real apples, onions, peppers, avocados and more

It’s an art lesson about still life, and a life lesson about food.

Ceramic artist George Woideck is helping Clearview High School art students make tiles from molds of real fruits and vegetables.

“We have an apple, we have an onion, we have half of a pepper and we have an avocado, and then later this afternoon we will have a lime, a banana, a tomato, and an orange, and that’s what we’ll finish up with.” Read More ›

ArtWorks: Dance Co-Op

*Written by ArtWorks apprentices
The Dance co-op is on a verge of new, and exciting dance movements, being that sustainability is our theme, expressing how the environment,
and our bodies are connected. we show this using modern, ballet, and west African dance movement, and technique also using the art of poetry to bring a unique show:
“A Battle In the Night”
It’s a dream awakened by the human race
The destruction of the World slowly into oblivion.
It’s a Battle field
The booming death fires causing dark clouds,
Turning the world black
It becomes a tiresome home.
A death trap to those who wish
To abide, in the beauty it once had.
The earth’s night tears twinkling
For the human race to see.
Sometimes falling, hoping, waiting
For one to see the sadness it holds.
Swampy paths fill the roads
Over flowing the fossilized hope that
Beads through the wind. The slow
Peace of fire dancing through
The night air.
The moons illuminous face;
Eyes wide at the horrors it
Sees in the dark
Scared at the tortured man’s
Power has bestowed.
Cannons roaring, tears falling, the
Earth is crying out for help.
It’s a loud cry
As the majestic red wood
Falls slowly to the ground.
It’s the last hope for the world.
The day is done
As darkness seeps through the air.
Forcing man’s breathing tools to suffer
As we steadily play our mechanical songs
Preparing for battle
Not knowing there will be no victor.