Become a Teaching Artist

Thank you for your interest in the Center for Arts-Inspired Learning! Our roster of artists is carefully selected, with artists/ensembles chosen on the basis of artistic excellence, the ability to integrate academic content,  effective classroom management and student engagement, strong communication with partners, and the overall needs of our roster.

Please familiarize yourself with the three main program formats offered by CAL:

  • Performance programs are 45 minutes in length (pre-school programs are 30 minutes in length) and are a blend of performance and discussion with opportunities for student participation throughout. Performance programs may have an audience of up to 300. Participation may consist of discussion with audience members, direct involvement with performance activities, and opportunities for reflection and informal assessments.
  • Workshops involve smaller groups (usually 30 or fewer students) and are generally 45 minutes to an hour in length. Workshops provide opportunities for artists to have frequent, one-on-one interaction with students. Materials/content of program must be organized to fit into the class period, with flexibility to handle questions, etc. Please note that workshops are not lectures, but hands-on, active learning opportunities to experience an art form and reinforce academic goals by creating.
  • Residencies are defined as 3 or more contacts (usually 45 – 60 minutes in length) with the same group of students. Residencies make up a majority of the programming through CAL and most often can last 10 or more sessions. Residencies work toward a final performance or visual/digital arts product and include opportunities for school and parent engagement. The success of residencies is measured through formal student and teacher assessments against anticipated outcomes, artistic and academic.

The relationship between CAL and each artist/ensemble is that of an independent contractor. Artists provide their own means of transportation to each scheduled program and all supplies and materials fees must be negotiated and approved when scheduling program dates. CAL cannot guarantee that you and/or your ensemble will receive a specific number of scheduled programs or a minimum level of income in any given time period.

The Center for Arts-Inspired Learning has developed a unique Teaching Artist Professional Development Series that is required training for all new artists who wish to join our roster. This training provides an excellent overview of how we define arts integration, program design, and effective strategies for working with youth in grades PreK – 12. These sessions are offered in January and June and are facilitated by experienced CAL staff and expert teaching artists currently working in the field.

  • Upon successful completion, attendees are awarded a digital badge representing an assessment (the assessment is your programs plan) of skills learned and prior knowledge. Digital badges can be linked to online resumes, portfolios, websites and various forms of social media as an effective tool to help artists market themselves and their work.
  • Candidates may then be contacted to schedule a field observation. If you are asked to schedule a field observation, a date and venue will be mutually agreed upon and your program will be scheduled at a school. Artists/ensembles are not compensated for the observation. The audience during an observation will consist of students, teachers, and CAL staff. The CAL staff who attend your program will evaluate it based on artistic excellence, non-arts integration, teaching strategies and activities, and professionalism.
  • If your program is approved, your artist/ensemble will receive accreditation for one year and will be invited to join the roster. All roster artists and ensembles work through the organization on yearly artist agreements which are distributed prior to the new fiscal year beginning July 1. We regret that a far greater number of artists/ensembles apply than we can place on the roster. CAL chooses the programming that is best suited to its partner needs, and many excellent programs are not admitted to the roster each year.
  • If at any point you have questions or would value observing Center for Arts-Inspired Learning artists at work, please contact Artistic Manager Emma Parker at 216.561.5005 x 23 or

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