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When asked to pick one word to describe Center for Arts-Inspired Learning’s Digital Storytelling residency, a 6th grade student from Cleveland’s Marion Sterling Elementary didn’t hesitate…“AMAZING!”

In Fall 2016, CAL worked with Marion Sterling to bring the Digital Storytelling residency to their 6 - 8 grade students. Tied into their science curriculum, students explored new technology and implemented multimedia, as they researched, wrote, and produced digital stories about space and the universe. As the school year progressed, science teacher Michaela Cleveland noticed her students showing significant improvement in class, in spite of a limited background in science. She attributed their progress in part to their experience with CAL’s Digital Storytelling program. 

“With the help of programs like Digital Storytelling, they’ve expanded their knowledge drastically. It’s shown in their CAP scores. It’s shown in our ability to do things like the [school’s first] science fair. This wouldn’t have been a possibility for them at the beginning of the year. It’s really helped them grow in tremendous ways.”
-- Michaela Cleveland, Middle School Science Teacher at Marion Sterling Elementary

Your gift to CAL’s Annual Fund makes our work possible!

The heart of our work at Center for Arts-Inspired Learning revolves around our mission: to ignite student learning, creativity, and success through the arts. Arts integration – blending the arts into traditional subject matter to spark learning – is the teaching tool we employ to help achieve that mission. The impact of this approach is undeniable. We see it in the engagement of students with their work, we hear it from teachers who track their students’ growth, and we measure it in improved test scores and academic development. 

By donating today, you help us continue to provide AMAZING arts-integrated learning experiences to children of all ages throughout Northeast Ohio.