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Interactive Student Mural

At the Center for Arts-Inspired Learning, we provide students in our neighborhood and across Northeast Ohio with educational arts programming. Through the arts, students explore their creativity and increase academic achievement. This leads to greater engagement in the school and community and a stronger, more vibrant Northeast Ohio.

This year, CAL began a long-term partnership with our neighbors in the Glenville and Hough schools. In the spring, a CAL artist collaborated with the third- and fourth-grade students at Mary B. Martin Elementary School. Through this in-school program, the students envisioned how to make their community a better place by solving problems and promoting the common good. At the end of this process, each student created an action statement identifying how they would become engaged and improve their community with their own personal contribution.

Utilizing photography, drawing, and digital manipulation the students created a mural filled with their portraits that told their story. The mural was brought to life using technology to add sound. With the touch of a finger, students were able to assign each of their recorded action statements to a specific area of the mural.

The project taught students important skills: how to use a digital camera, team building, and knowledge of circuit boards and conductivity. However, the impact of this project went beyond improving their understanding of science and art. The students gained a sense of ownership in their school and community and became empowered to think critically about what they would like to change and how they can do that. Every day when they go to school, they see large scale portraits of themselves and are reminded that they belong to a bigger community.

“I’m always trying to teach my students the importance of teamwork, and this project was an excellent example of the beautiful things that can happen when they all bring their talents to the table. And it’s even more special because it’s right here in the community we know and love.”
-- Megan McBride, teacher at Mary B. Martin

Your gift makes an impact!

The best part is the project is far from over. Thanks to donations like yours, the CAL teaching artist is now working with four other Glenville and Hough elementary schools to create their own murals.

With your generosity, we can increase access to high quality arts education in underserved neighborhoods, changing lives and futures.