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Changing Lives, Creating Communities


At the Center for Arts-Inspired Learning, we see first-hand the power of arts education. Not only is it a valuable tool for learning, but it is also a source of inspiration, unity, and hope. Being able to help change the lives of the students and families we serve is a driving force behind our work.

Since 2015, CAL has played an integral role in Noble Elementary’s Peer to Peer (P2P) initiative, an afterschool program built to provide support for children from Nepali refugee families who have settled in Cleveland Heights and for local students who need additional help with literacy skills. The program pairs English language learners with native English speakers and they learn together.

This fall, CAL teaching artists Ryan Upp and Kenya Woods worked with P2P students in visual arts and dance – art forms that enable students to express themselves without a language barrier. Some of the projects included a stop motion animation video (pictured above) and a collaborative portrait project called Photography in Motion (see portraits below).

The fun, supportive atmosphere helped students feel more comfortable and confident talking with each other and they quickly built friendships. As a result, Nepali students formed a stronger connection to their new school, but the connection didn’t stop there. Nepali parents also began to feel more supported by the school and more engaged with the community.

“The parents feel safe. Their child is in a safe place afterschool and they are learning. They are able to have fun and do the [arts] enrichment from CAL. It has given their children great opportunities to just continue to grow.”
-- Tiffany Rowan, P2P Coordinator

Your gift changes lives!

Each year, we look to our community – people who know the life-changing power of art education – to partner with us in our mission. Your gift to the CAL Annual Fund enables us to build strong communities and bright futures by supporting the needs of Northeast Ohio students and their families.

By donating today, you enable us to make a difference in the lives of students and families who need it most – like the Nepali refugees.