Annual Fund

Sprouting Growth!


Our Annual Fund fuels our day-to-day work of designing programs, developing curriculum, and executing projects. Last year we engaged preschoolers at 27 sites across Northeast Ohio in CAL Sprouts, our new early childhood program series which was designed to address kindergarten readiness barriers through a curriculum that blends digital arts, creative movement, and music enrichment with academic exploration and social-emotional learning.

CAL Sprouts is delivered in three genres: Musical, Dancing, and Digital Sprouts. Classroom lessons help children develop a sense of initiative and creativity through interactive software, music about the alphabet, or dances about emotion. The program’s overarching goal is to connect the fun and benefits of using technology, purposeful movement, or musical instruments with social-emotional learning and academic content areas, giving students a positive and productive experience.

“One of my favorite parts of CAL Sprouts is seeing students develop confidence and willingness to step out of their comfort zone and try something new.” -- Jill Henes, a preschool teacher at Franklin Elementary School

In addition to classroom instruction, the CAL Sprouts program also provides mobile-friendly web-based resources and videos for parents to utilize at home to extend learning beyond the classroom.

“Last year, the excitement and enthusiasm that I saw in my students, teachers and families [with Dancing Sprouts] was more than I have ever witnessed.” -- Alison Yonkers, Director, Haynes Nursery School

Haynes Nursery, located in Lakewood, serves a wide range of families from different nationalities and income levels.

CAL Sprouts is a recent example of our commitment to adapting and expanding our programming to respond to young people’s needs and prepare them for future success. Through CAL Sprouts, we’re helping spur children’s growth through artistic and academic experiences.

Your gift makes our work possible!

A gift to CAL’s Annual Fund makes work like CAL Sprouts possible! We’re requesting that you consider a gift to our Annual Fund before June 30th, to help us continue to provide arts-integrated learning experiences to children of all ages throughout Northeast Ohio.