Annual Fund

Your support is more important than ever

We know that the last several weeks have been a difficult time for all of us. What has been most gratifying for us at Center for Arts-Inspired Learning has been the creativity, dedication, and commitment of our Board, staff, and teaching artists to ensure that children continue to feel safe and are learning through the arts. As we all adapt to the many changes in our lives, the arts will help us understand today and how we can move forward. I wrote the letter below in early February to send to you. It remains relevant today.

What defines a civilization? How do we know about life in Ancient Rome? How do we know of the different kingdoms of Egypt? We know about ancient cultures because of the art they left behind! We see the buildings, frescoes, sculpture, paintings, jewelry, and cathedrals created by our ancestors. The legacy of a civilization is the Art they produced.


Last year, The Center for Arts-Inspired Learning provided 6,500 arts education programs for 117,000 school children. “How is that possible?” CAL is priming the artists of tomorrow with the tools required to enhance the artistic future of our civilization. It requires an enormous amount of organization and a lot of financial support. CAL programming requires teaching artists, teachers, supplies, curricula, staff, materials, and equipment. Without individual support, this extensive programming cannot exist.

CAL is part of Say Yes to Education, a national program that includes the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. As the coordinating partner in three schools, CAL ensures that after-school programs are engaging Cleveland children so that they experience success in school. It has been proven that early exposure to the arts helps children appreciate the beauty in their own lives. It gives them a safe emotional outlet and an additional form of expression.

This Spring, our Say Yes to Education after-school programs have been cancelled and we have faced the loss of nearly 1,000 others – programs which would have enriched the lives of nearly 25,000 young people, positively impacted their development and inspired their personal growth, but also fueled the operations of CAL.

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Looking ahead to next school year, CAL is adapting. We are putting into practice everything that we say an arts education gives us – innovative thinking, collaboration, and creative problem solving. The CAL team – staff and artists – has created online opportunities and will continue to respond to the needs of schools in the months ahead helping to address student learning loss through the arts. We know the online content for students and teachers will help keep us connected and engaged. This is the Power of the Arts!

Your gift makes a difference to those who need it most!

Please know that your financial support makes a difference in the future of your community…so say yes to arts education by Saying Yes to the Center for Arts-Inspired Learning! We hope that you will consider a gift to this year’s Annual Fund. Make a gift that lasts!