Between the Lions: The Long and Short of It

Between the Lions: The Long and Short of It

This series of arts residencies for children learning to read blends segments of the popular PBS-TV series, Between the Lions with arts activities to introduce and reinforce key reading concepts.

This five-session residency, led by a CAL music teaching artist and accompanied in three of the sessions by a CAL dance artist, guides students in creative movement and sound production related to vowel sounds and short action words.

Please call CAL Education Staff at 216-561-5005 to learn more.

Weather Dances

Experience dance as it integrates with the principles of science including weather, renewable energy, and recycling. This residency culminates with a dress rehearsal and a performance. The program can be presented as a single unit for one grade level, or as a residency for grades K-3, culminating in a final show for all participants.

Shake, Rattle and Roll

Students participating in this workshop will explore the Earth’s surface, its characteristics and landforms, and the changes it experiences due to weathering, erosion and deposition of soil. Dance standards will be utilized by the experts at Art Sparks which will support national science standards as the students learn and perform a culminating work based on their science curriculum. Encouraging energy and excellence are at the heart of any Art Sparks class. The teaching artists reinforce the organizations “core four” principals: work hard, do your best, never give up, and be fit, throughout the workshop.

Geometry in Motion

Experience dance as it integrates with principles of geometry. Using the body to demonstrate lines, angles, and two and three-dimensional shapes, this workshop teaches students to see that geometry is everywhere. Dancer Tom Evert will guide students through improvisational activities as they learn to practice concepts on their own and in small groups.

G-R-A-V-I-T-Y The Big G!

Explore the different gravitational forces in space, on earth, and on other planets! Witness a dancer on the big screen “floating” on NASA’s Enhanced Zero Gravity Locomotion Simulator. Experience “weightlessness,” even on earth! This dance presentation culminates with a live performance by three dancers entitled “9.8 m/s^2” (our own gravitational force on earth)! (Accompanying Workshop: The Science of Choreography)

Fit Fun Frolic (early childhood)

Young children love to explore their bodies’ movements; toddlers and preschoolers love to bounce and wiggle. Take advantage of their natural energy and direct it into a lifelong love of physical activity. Moving along to popular children’s songs, students refine gross motor skill development, brain growth and experiment through physical activity.