Let’s Move and Groove: A Hip Hop Inspired Performance

A Spider Name Apollo

 Through the dramatic performing arts, the audience is lead on a musical adventure, the journey of a spider name Apollo. In connection to literature, written and illustrated by Apollo’s Fire, participants explore the adventures of artists at the opera. This book comes to life with processional musicians, singers, actors, and dancers. Through interactive aspects, participants engage alongside the performers to help lead Apollo on his musical journey through the opera. 

Big Top Physics

Big Top Physics is a workshop that will engage students in exploring the physics of performing extraordinary physical feats.  Students will learn about the types of forces affecting motion, including gravitational force, tension force, frictional force, applied force, inertia, and center of mass.  These concepts will be taught by a combination of performance/demonstration and active participation.

Between the Lions: The Long and Short of It

This series of arts residencies for children learning to read blends segments of the popular PBS-TV series, Between the Lions with arts activities to introduce and reinforce key reading concepts.

This five-session residency, led by a CAL music teaching artist and accompanied in three of the sessions by a CAL dance artist, guides students in creative movement and sound production related to vowel sounds and short action words.

Please call CAL Education Staff at 216-561-5005 to learn more.

Weather Dances

Experience dance as it integrates with the principles of science including weather, renewable energy, and recycling. This residency culminates with a dress rehearsal and a performance. The program can be presented as a single unit for one grade level, or as a residency for grades K-3, culminating in a final show for all participants.