Shan-GÓ, Culture Unites US!

Stardrop Circus Vs. Gravity

Audience members have the opportunity to see high-flying acrobats perform aerial tricks with silks during this circus performance. Members of Stardrop fight with gravity to showcase the grace and strength of the human body. This performance must take place in a gymnasium because the equipment used is more than 20 feet high. Ideal to pair with the Big Top Physics workshop.

Customized Fitness/Dance

ArtSparks is an educational outreach program that reinforces core academic content through the art of dance. The mission of ArtSparks is to engage participants through movement and music and to strive for excellence by embedding a lifelong quest in each individual to reach their full potential. Founded on the belief that the arts play a vital role in fostering the creativity and self-confidence necessary to become a productive citizen. ArtSparks classrooms encourage children to develop discipline, a standard of excellence, and a belief in themselves that carries over into all aspects of their lives.

Work with our Education Staff to create a customized ArtSparks experience in your classroom!

A Spider Named Apollo

Through the dramatic performing arts, the audience is led on a musical adventure, the journey of a spider name Apollo. In connection to literature written and illustrated by Apollo’s Fire, participants explore the adventures of artists at a performance of Mozart’s famous opera The Magic Flute. The book comes to life with professional musicians, singers, actors, and dancers. Through interactive aspects, participants engage alongside the performers to help lead Apollo the Spider on his musical journey through the opera.

This program is only available May 18-22, 2020