Last Fugitive Slave: Ohio

Ready, Set, Action!

In this invigorating drama and literacy program, professional actor Bill Morgan from SignStage works with groups of students to create a story or play. Students focus on the fundamentals of stories: who, what, where, when and why, characters, setting, conflict, etc., and understand how to put their ideas in a story format. The students work together to create a script, then rehearse and act out their play. Depending on how much time is available, the play may be video-taped, and students can even learn how a major motion picture is created! DVDs may be made for students.

Sign Language for the Little Dramatist (early childhood)

Learn a combination of basic sign language and creative dramatics with Bill Morgan from SignStage. This program also integrates creative movement with visual arts and music. Children learn about primary and secondary colors and the fundamentals of performing in front of an audience.

ACTive Listening: Drama Activities to Enhance Listening Comprehension (Professional Development)

Develop student listening skills and comprehension. Teachers explore and model drama activities, ideas and techniques to improve student focus, attention and responses to oral presentations. Targets 3-8th grade curriculum.