School-wide Arts-Integrated Learning (SAIL)

Monster Mashup

Participants will be using their imagination, literary skills, and collaboration to create a unique monster character. They will be utilizing an innovative art technique by coloring a coffee filter with washable marker and creating 2 “watercolor” prints by sandwiching it between white paper. Once the prints are dry, participants will use this painted paper, construction paper, and glue sticks to compile a creative monster character. They will then work with their parent to develop this character and its background story.

Digital Fashion Design

Students will explore many aspects of fashion design giving them an opportunity to take the fashion design process from concept to construction. See your digital fashion ideas come to life using Design Croquis Software Templates for Students and Moviemaker for Windows. We will discuss design, styles, trends, and couture, as well as an introduction to the “Five P’s of Marketing.” Design and create a fashion logo and business card for your company and showcase your designs with a narrated and/or musical slideshow of your portfolio to take home on a flash drive. A fashion design representative from North Coast College will visit us onsite to share their enthusiasm and provide insight into careers in this exciting field for our high school students. To conclude our explorations into fashion, the Duck Tape competition is a fun “hands on” activity with many of our students and not to be missed! This program is designed to teach entrepreneurship and product development.

The Magic of Rainbows

During the one-hour workshop, students’ fascination with rainbows will be used to inspire investigations of light and color. The Magic of Rainbows workshop combines color theory, one of the 7 elements of art, and the of physical science color. Students will use newly acquired knowledge about rainbows, light, optics and color to create their own unique piece of art. The rainbow, a natural scientific phenomenon noted for its design has been a favorite symbol and component of art, literature, film, and music throughout history. Student will observe and create real rainbows then interpret rainbows in their own artwork. Rainbows are mysterious manifestations and provide a great way to explore color!

Purposeful Paper

During this program, students will learn a brief history of western paper making and the materials needed to create handmade paper. They will understand that to make a sheet of paper requires the use of pulp, a mass of fibers containing cellulose found in all plant material.  Student’s knowledge of the life cycle of the plant will be expanded upon by becoming familiar with various native plants and the type of paper they yield.