Written and Illustrated

Written and Illustrated

This dynamic program starts with a recorded storytelling circle to create a collective story, followed up by basic traditional and digital illustration lessons and culminates with the creation of an illustrated short story and/or poetry book. Material fee determined by project.

Shades of Diversity

This multimedia project uses traditional collage techniques as an awareness and self-discovery tool of individual roots and classroom diversity and richness. During the program, students will create a colorful collage quilt using construction paper, glue, and tape to represent the genealogical, social, and cultural background of a group of students or a school. This project can also be created on ceramic tiles. The final mural will show, at a classroom scale, the value and beauty of individuality and diversity in society. This program requires 1-3 workshops, depending on the materials used. Material fee determined by project.

Create, Publish a Digital Comic Book

During a five-day residency, students will be introduced to the exciting and expanding world of comics using different compositional strategies. Students will learn about the different genres found in today’s comics. They will create and develop their own characters and working scripts in a short form comic book layout using Pixton software. In addition to learning about various careers in this creative field, students will collaborate on a comic anthology that will be published at the culmination of the program.

Sound Board Art

In this workshop, participants will explore the intersection of art and technology. They will create interactive two-dimensional art using found objects and paint. Sound will be added to the visual imagery created through the use of Bare Conductive technology. Participants will utilize a water-based electric paint that, with the touch of a finger, will transmit pre-recorded sounds using Arduino-like Touch Boards. Participants will bring their art to life electronically by choosing different sounds to play through the circuit/sensor board. Participants leave with their original paintings.

Drawing Machines

Participants will construct a simple circuit with parts salvaged from battery-operated toys and apply it to a machine made of drawing implements that they design. Near the end of the session, the “drawing machines” are placed on large pieces of paper to see the various marks they can make and students discuss how these differences were obtained. Watch the video below to see an example of the “drawing machines” in action!