Glass Fusion (Professional Development)

Glass Fusion (Professional Development)

Teachers create their own two-sided pendant using the science of glass fusion. This art form uses dichroic glass, stringers, confetti and frits heated in a table top kiln. This program integrates with the science curriculum, addressing concepts such as physical and chemical changes and energy states. Additional material fees apply.

Glass Fusion Mural

Building on the exciting science of glass art, students have the opportunity to create a beautiful wall mural of glass tile. Students learn the science of glass fusion, a process that combines glass particles into tiles which the group designs produces and heats in table top kilns provided by the artist. Students learn to work together, share ideas and expand critical thinking skills. This program can be integrated with any theme being studied in the classroom. Minimum three-day residency.

Glass Fusion Pendants

Invite your students into the fascinating world of fused glass, right in your classroom! Students learn about the process of glass fusion by combining materials to make a glass pendant and heating them in small tabletop kilns. Glass fusion is not only a fun, spontaneous art form but it also illuminates the science behind heating glass. Using dichroic glass, stringers, confetti and frits which are all glass particles, students create a beautiful wearable dichroic glass pendant. This project requires one full day of workshops.

Imaginative Illustrations

Examine the mystery and fun of cartooning. Simple scribble or an abstract shape is turned into a recognizable character (fish, dog, person, etc.) or scene. Older students can explore the facets of cartoon concepting, working together to create humorous panels involving historical subject matter. Basic story elements are discussed as well as techniques to convey emotions through facial drawings. Finally, students draw a character utilizing basic geometric shapes.

Inch by Inch: Planting a Garden in Story, Song, and a Clay Project

Inspired by Inch by Inch: The Garden Song Book, ceramic artist and former professional musician George Woideck uses reading, song and clay to teach valuable lessons about nutrition and the earth. Students bring home their own clay sculpture to reinforce the learning experience.


Have you ever looked through a kaleidoscope and wondered how it works or how to make one? The answers to these questions and many more are revealed as Sheree illuminates the world of the kaleidoscope. Students construct their own kaleidoscopes while learning how the human eye works. Because of materials and preparation, this program requires one full day of workshops.

Puzzle Murals

Delve into art elements and principles of design as students create a thematic mural that relates to any curricular theme. Each student creates a piece of the mural which is later joined with others to reveal one cohesive image. Wendy teaches students to appreciate community and respect diverse points of view. Depending upon the project, additional prep time and fees may be necessary.