Imaginative Illustrations

Imaginative Illustrations

Examine the mystery and fun of cartooning. Simple scribble or an abstract shape is turned into a recognizable character (fish, dog, person, etc.) or scene. Older students can explore the facets of cartoon concepting, working together to create humorous panels involving historical subject matter. Basic story elements are discussed as well as techniques to convey emotions through facial drawings. Finally, students draw a character utilizing basic geometric shapes.

Inch by Inch: Planting a Garden in Story, Song, and a Clay Project

Inspired by Inch by Inch: The Garden Song Book, ceramic artist and former professional musician George Woideck uses reading, song and clay to teach valuable lessons about nutrition and the earth. Students bring home their own clay sculpture to reinforce the learning experience.


Have you ever looked through a kaleidoscope and wondered how it works or how to make one? The answers to these questions and many more are revealed as Sheree illuminates the world of the kaleidoscope. Students construct their own kaleidoscopes while learning how the human eye works. Because of materials and preparation, this program requires one full day of workshops.

Puzzle Murals

Delve into art elements and principles of design as students create a thematic mural that relates to any curricular theme. Each student creates a piece of the mural which is later joined with others to reveal one cohesive image. Wendy teaches students to appreciate community and respect diverse points of view. Depending upon the project, additional prep time and fees may be necessary.

Augusto Bordelois

The Vault of Secret Dreams

In this incredible residency, students design, build and cast a three-dimensional mosaic and cement sculpture, challenging them with math and engineering concepts. Students write down their dreams, secrets and fears and place them in a vault, a secure place they create and seal with cement. The outside of the vault is beautiful mosaic that the students design themselves. The students calculate the amount of cement needed in cubic feet and they figure out what kind and how much mesh to use inside the sculpture. Students estimate what the final weight of the piece will be using mathematical calculations. This unique experience creates a lasting and beautiful piece of art that will endure for decades and can be displayed inside or outside your school! A completed vault can weigh several hundred pounds and may be made in any shape desired. This residency typically takes several days to complete. Material fee determined by project.

Dinosaur Fables

This storytelling and visual art workshop keeps students laughing and learning from the beginning to end. Augusto tells a wonderful story about dinosaurs and illustrates them in real time as he tells it. Throughout the story, Augusto weaves in a discussion about the water cycle, the depletion of natural resources and alternative energy sources. In the one day workshop, students create a small clay dinosaur. In an extended residency, students work in groups to build clay and metal wire dinosaur sculptures that are 2-3 feet long. Material fee determined by project.

Deepening the Understanding of Symmetry with Mosaics (Professional Development)

The teaching of symmetry comes alive through the creation of individual mosaic designs inspired by ceramic works of the ancient Greeks and Romans. Math, history and geography unite in this in this hands-on workshop. This program was developed as part of the Kennedy Center’s professional development initiative.