You are Here Mural

You are Here Mural

Based upon the common map element that declares “YOU ARE HERE”, students create a clay map depicting their school and the neighborhood and environment that surround it. The map invites all students to share what they see in the neighborhood. This includes houses, buildings, trees, animals, faces, birds and cars. Involve the whole school to share individual observations.

Creative Adventures (Out of School Time Program)

Cuban-born visual artist Augusto Bordelois encourages students to follow the flow of the creative process and experiment with new tools and materials in his workshops. Whether its painting blindfolded, reading a story and learning how to illustrate, or creating a ceramic quilt out of mixed media, students are inspired by Augusto, who helps bring children self-discovery through art. Every workshop has students creating, laughing and learning.

Creating a Lasting Tile or Mosaic Mural

Teachers, staff and parents all join together in designing and creating a colorful tile mural or mosaic based on a theme chosen by the school community. George’s tile murals add beauty or a message to any location indoors or out with a permanent work of art. A variation is the Portal Project, allowing students to gain experience in architectural ceramics, relief sculpture and design as they construct a door or window surrounded in decorated clay tiles. (Access to a kiln is not required.)

Clay Time (early childhood)

Children create their very own clay art. George inspires young fingers to feel, pinch and mold clay into a wonderful variety of shapes. (20 children maximum)

Clay Can Do It (Professional Development)

Teachers change their ideas of what can be done with clay. Kristen breaks down the artificial boundaries of the ceramics studio and shows new techniques that are low-tech and successful. Learn about building in sections, using common objects as molds, explore color and scale, and brush up on kiln practices. This workshop prepares teachers to guide budding young artists in creating fabulous ceramic sculpture.

Clay Animal Sculpture

The plasticity of clay is an excellent material to model physical features and explore how those features determine body shape and function. You can also create character traits and emotions by shaping the face. Students use their hands and common household utensils to create an animal from a lump of clay. As they create their own animals, they give them a personality and explore body form and function of other vertebrate animals within a species. Workshop can focus on either birds or fish.

Ceramic Sculpture

Create a fabulous ceramic sculpture in this introductory hands-on workshop. Kristen teaches basic building processes that are low-tech yet successful. Using common objects as molds, students build in sections, explore color and scale, and learn safe kiln practices. Kristen customizes this workshop to make pieces that compliment any theme from your classroom curriculum.

Ceramic Quilt

Design a ceramic quilt using mixed media techniques as a tool to discover individual roots, appreciate classroom diversity and richness. The theme of the mural is unique to every group of students. The final product is a public art mural that demonstrates the value and beauty of each individual’s contribution to our diverse society. Material fee determined by project.