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Between the Lions: Call It As You See It

This series of arts residencies for children learning to read blends segments of the popular PBS-TV series, Between the Lions with arts activities to introduce and reinforce key reading concepts.

This five-session residency, led by a CAL visual arts teaching artist with expertise in music, guides students in sound production and the creation of visual artwork related to original poetry using blended words, synonyms and rhymes.

Please call CAL Education Staff at 216-561-5005 to learn more.

Bloom Ceramic Garden

Bloom: Create a Ceramic Garden

Students create a personal garden with clay, while using different techniques to make each part of the garden—dirt, stems, leaves, and blooms. They discover the unique qualities of clay and the importance of creating beauty around us. Material fee as determined by project. Minimum of three workshops.

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Action Painting

This workshop is a challenging, hands-on adventure that starts with students painting blindfolded. From there, Teaching Artist Augusto Bordelois takes them to the limits of their imagination. The program urges students out of their comfort zone and encourages them to experiment with new tools and materials while following the flow of the creative process. Material fee determined by project.