Augusto Bordelois

Augusto Bordelois

Augusto Bordelois

About the artist:

Augusto Bordelois graduated from the University of Havana in Cuba, having majored in English Language and Literature. He has studied sculpture, ceramics, costume design for theater and cinema, classical drawing and painting. Augusto’s international reputation and experience, as well as his exemplary artistic abilities, make him a multifaceted artist who greatly enriches the curriculum. His accolades include Best in Show and the Ohio Arts Council Special Award at the 2003 Ohio State Fair Fine Arts exhibition. Augusto is bilingual in English and Spanish.


Garfield Elementary Mural:

garfield1 garfield2 garfield3 GarfieldDetail GarfieldMural

Customized Mosaic Mural Program:

mosaic5 mosaic4 mosaic3 mosaic2 mosaic