Emma Parker: Resident Teaching Artist

Emma Parker: Resident Teaching Artist

Emma Parker

“Through the arts, particularly dance; the human spirit soars to the pinnacle of humanity, regardless of physical, mental or social limitations. As such, art expressed is a soul freed. Without opportunity for such expression the creative spark that lives in each heart flickers out.”

                                                                                           – EMMA PARKER

Emma Parker earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in dance and psychology from Ball State University in Indiana and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis with an emphasis in Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Emma has performed and studied with artists such as Diane McIntyre,  Heidi Latsky, David Rousseve, Adele Myers, Jennifer Medina, Kristopher Estes-Brown, and Nic Papillo. Her background in dance includes teaching and choreographing.  She worked with VSA, serving special needs populations in the northeast region of Indiana and throughout Ohio, as a dance movement leader. Emma was a member of the The Dancing Wheels Company & School from 2010 to 2015. There she performed throughout the country spreading the message of accessibility in the arts.  Since 2011, Emma has held the position of head instructor and coordinator for the School of Dancing Wheels. There she teaches arts to students with and without disabilities. During in and outreach programing each year, she reaches over 6,000 students, helping bring awareness to the importance of arts, particularly dance, for everyone.  She is currently a freelance performer developing works as a founding member of the Cleveland Dance Exchange.


Emma was the choreography consultant on a made-for-PBS, Emmy nominated documentary about “Vibrations”, a performing arts group from the Indiana School for the Deaf.  Her piece Exteroception, a dance depicting the life of a man without sight, was chosen as the Editors Choice Award by Dance Magazine.  In 2014 she was awarded the Ohio Governor’s award for Arts Education for her work with the Dancing Wheels Company & School.