George Woideck

George Woideck

About the artist:

George Woideck trained as a painter and took time off to tour and record as a rock musician before launching a career as a ceramic artist. Since then he has been an artist-in-residence in schools throughout Ohio and Michigan. George was named National Young Audiences Artist of the Year and his work as a teaching artist has been recognized by the Ohio Art Education Association. For a week each summer he teaches a course in ceramic tile and mosaic for the School of Art at Chautauqua. His studio work has been seen in galleries and museums in Chicago, Cleveland and New York; His public art installations can be viewed in businesses, libraries and hospitals in our area. George publishes a blog for educators at Tile, Mosaic+Clay. Visit his website at


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Heritage Mosaic:

Heritage Mosaic

Chagrin Valley Times Article:

Chagrin Valley Times Article

Noble Mural:

noble mural Noble mural Noble mural Noble mural Noble Mural noble mural

Brookview Mural:

Brookview mural brookview mural 2