Ray McNiece

Ray McNiece


“My passion for poetry led me to teaching to spread that love of language and learning. Students will experience the word through narrative, lyric and dramatic modes, poetry will come alive from the page to the stage. Through 25 years of teaching, students have taught me that they inherently possess a great wellspring of creativity that only needs to be tapped.”

                                                                                           – RAY McNIECE

Adjunct Professor, John Carroll University, CW, Lit., Compostion 2010-2015.
Center For Arts Learning, Artwork Master Teaching Artsit, 2013=15
Ohio Arts Council, Arts In Education Residency Artist, 1997-2014.
Young Audiences, Performer/Workshop Leader, New Orleans, Cleveland 1996-2015.
Word Forward, Poetry Education Consultant, Singapore, 2007-08.
Poetry Alive! Performer, Curriculum Development, Nationally, 1991-94
Little Brothers, Elder Care Social Worker, Boston 1982-85.
Pine Street Inn, Outreach Van Homeless Counselor, Boston, 1986.
Boston Nite Center, Drug and Alcohol Counselor, Boston 1987-91.
BA (English), Honors Tutorial College, Ohio University, 1982.
MA(creative writing) University of Houston, Texas, 1983.
YMCA Writer’s Voice Literary Arts Management, M.L. Leibler, 2001.
Ritual Performance, Keith Hennessey, Alternate Roots Conference, 1995.
Scene Study, Characterization, New Ehrlich Theater, Boston, 1984.
Love Song for Cleveland, Red Giant, 2015.
Greatest Hits, Puddinghouse, Columbus OH, 2008.
Our Way of Life, Bottom Dog Press, Huron, Ohio 11/2007
America Zen, Anthology, Editor/Contributor, Bottom Dog Press 11/2005
Us-Vs? Talking Across America, Fractal Edge, Chicago, IL, 2004.
wet sand raven tracks, deepclevelandpress, Cleveland, OH, 2/2004.
Song That Fathoms Home, Bottom Dog Press, Huron, OH, 11/2003.
The Road That Carried Me Here, (CD), Westside Press, Ann Arbor, MI, 2000.
Mouth Music, (CD), Vinecourt Records, Cleveland, OH, 1999.
Merry-Go-Round, (chapbook) City Lights Italia, Firenze, 2000.
The Road That Carried Me Here, Bottom Dog Press, Huron, 1998.
The Bone Orchard Conga, Poetry Alive! Press, Asheville, NC, 1997.
Dis—Voices from a Shelter, Burning Press, Cleveland, OH, 1989.
Poetry Editor, MUSE: A Quarterly Journal of the LIT, 2008-11.
Poetry Editor, November3rdClub, E-Zine, 2004-2010.
Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Poet/Professor, NYU, 918-745-9321, 718-997-5980.
Marsha Dobrinski, Executive Director CAL 216-561-5005.


2000-14 Western Reserve Writers’ Conference. Lakeland CC, OH
2010 OLRC (Ohio Literacy Resource Center), Keynote, Columbus OH.
2010 Skyline Writers Conference, Presenter, Cleveland, OH
2010 ECIRA, Keynote, Euclid, OH.
2008 CRA (College Reading Assoc.) Keynote, Sarasota, FL.
2003 ASU Language Arts Symposium, Keynote, Boone, NC.
2001 Tour with Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Russia.
1999 Tour “Pullman My Daisy” with Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Italy.
1997 Tour “City Lights Italia Opening”, with Ferlinghetti, Firenze.
1996 Keynote with Robert Bly, First Coast Writer’s Conference, Jacksonville, FL
CPAC Arts Collinwood Grant, Oral History Project, 2013,
Creative Workforce Fellowship CPAC, 2012
Artist-in-Residence, WRHS Museum, Cleveland, Ohio 2004-09.
2001 Writer-in-Residence Award, Jack Kerouac House, Orlando, Florida.
2001 Artist-in-Residence Award, Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Ohio.
2001 Hart Crane Award, Kent State University, Stark, Ohio
1999 Award of Excellence, Northern Ohio Live, Cleveland Ohio.
1999 Lyricist Review Song Award, Lyricist Review, Canton, Ohio.
1999 Grand Slam Champion, Arkansas Celebration of the Arts, Hot Springs.
1992&94 National Poetry Slam Champion, Boston and Cleveland Teams.
The Lives of A Poet, Solo Theatre, Cleveland Public Theater, Big Box 2015
Tongue in Groove Poetry Music Review, Various Venues, 1994-2015.
Rustbowl Hootenanny, Musical –Appalachian Out-Migration, Creator. CPT, 1999.
Mouth Music, Music Poetry Review, Director/Performer,CPT, 1997.
Homegirl Meets Whiteboy, with Shawn Jackson, Alternate Roots Fest, 1995.
US? Talking Across America, Orlando Fringe, various venues, 1990-94.
Dis–Voices From a Shelter, Edinburgh Fringe Fest and various venues, 1988-90.
Open Mind Firmament, An Evening of Yeats, Cuchullain, CPT, 2010.
Highway Ulysses, Viet Nam Vet, Dobama Theatre, 11/2004
The American Revolution, Johnny Freeman, (lead) Bad Epitaph, Summer 2004
Flanigan’s Wake, Improvisational Theater Piece, Cleveland, 1996-2003
Follow the Seasons, Johnny Appleseed (lead) Cleveland Playhouse, 2003
Steelbound, Steelworker Chorus Leader, Ensemble Theater, 2001.
Crossroads Dancing, Jim McNamara (role), Dobama Theater, Cleveland, 2000.
This Poem Slams, and various STO Commercials, 2010-12
Hero Tomorrow, Independent Film, Featured role, Swinging Cane, 2009
Applause, WVIZ Cleveland, Feature Performance, 2/04 6/09, 9/10.
Good Morning, Russia, Feature with Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Moscow, 8/ 2001.
CNN: Slam Champions, Feature Report on the National Slam, 8/1998
Slamnation, Documentary, National Poetry Slam, Devlin Prod. New York, 1996.
Boston Driving, Video Poem, “Eyestruck” Award, Hasin Prod. Boston, 1992.
PBS: Dis—Voices From a Shelter, WGBH Boston for 1991.
American Rhapsody, Adaptation of Fearing Poem, Hasin Productions, Boston 1991.