Sequoia Bostick

Sequoia Bostick


“I am always one to believe that everyone has a secret passion for creativity and innovation. When teaching art, My Goal is to inspire youth to find that creativity that it is inherently in all of us and apply it to their own endeavors in a professional manner.”

                                                                                           – SEQUOIA BOSTICK

Sequoia Bostick is an Illustrator, Comic creator, and Designer living in Cleveland Ohio. After earning her BFA in Illustration from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2014, she pursued a career as a resident teaching artist where she works with local youth to growth their visual art skills all while growing her own artistic practice as a Freelancer. Her work often features Bright colors, Dream-like figures, cute, playful, characters and stories that are fun for the whole family.  She works with both traditional and digital media in her work and has been getting into some animation work as well. She is a project oriented artist and loves working with others on large assignments.Sequoia’s work has been featured in Cleveland Scene Magazine, Vagabond Comics, Ideastream, The CAN Journal, And the Plain Dealer.  You can also find her work in Cleveland Botanical Gardens, The Cleveland Museum of Art, and Maelstrom Collaborative Arts”