Arts Education At Home

Continuing Your Child’s Arts Education At Home

“The arts not only enrich our lives, communities and culture, but they are vital to a child’s education. A strong arts education promotes the skills children need to be successful. A growing body of studies presents compelling evidence connecting student learning in the arts to a wide array of academic and social benefits” (Arts for Life!, 2014).

We encourage you to continue your child’s arts education at home with these simple and inexpensive arts activities and exercises that enhance their ability to learn, think creatively, and succeed in school. Don’t be afraid to get creative and invent your own at-home arts activities too!




  • Write a play and perform: Looking for something to do on a snowy Saturday afternoon? Have your child write their own play, assign characters, design their own costumes using clothes and accessories laying around the house, and perform the play in front of the family. All ages can participate: (Appropriate for PreK-Adult)
  • Family talent show: A talent show is a great way for kids to display their skills and get out of their comfort zone. Start by hosting your own talent show at home, and encourage all family members to participate. Whether it’s through lip sync, comedy, or musical theater, nothing is off limits with this fun, family-friendly activity: (Appropriate for PreK-Adult)