Sponsor an ArtWorks Apprentice

Sponsor an ArtWorks Apprentice

Center for Art-Inspired Learning

The Center for Arts-Inspired Learning’s ArtWorks is an arts-based job training and college readiness program for Northeast Ohio’s 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students. Students are enrolled as paid apprentices to train under the guidance of master teaching artists, who mentor them in an art form while teaching them 21st century skills. The apprenticeship experience allows students to develop time management, professional communication, problem solving, and critical thinking skills, which are transferable to any workplace or college. Students also participate in workshops that focus on financial literacy, resume writing, financial aid applications, and interview skills.

Art opportunities range from year to year, but they include animation and game design, recording arts, filmmaking, slam poetry, fashion design, photography, theater, and visual arts. All apprentices will have the opportunity to perform and/or exhibit their work for the public, and will leave the program with a portfolio that can be used when applying to college.

Goal: $ 500.00