ArtWorks Apprentice


Poetry Apprentice

During my two years as an Artworks apprentice for the poetry co-op, I grew not only as a writer, but a person as well. Having two different MTAs (Master Teaching Artists), I was able to learn a variety of different writing styles, techniques, and tips of the trade. Working with Carla Thompson (MTA), we focused on correct structure, voice inflection, and memorization techniques, and how to copyright our work. Working with Ray McNiece (MTA) was a blast. Each apprentice was able to create a presentation of their favorite poet, as well as teach a lesson in a style of writing of their choice. Having spent a year on developing my portfolio, I stepped up as Ray’s right hand man (or woman in this case) and collaborated with my co-workers to organize both the Open House and the Final Performance. Having leadership skills has truly opened up opportunities for me including several open mics and performance events. Looking back as an alumni of the Artworks program has sparked an interested in creating my own non-profit for teens my age to have a space to express themselves in all art forms. I’ve learned a tremendous amount from the staff and am truly thankful for the opportunity.