Coordinate Systems through Creative Movement

Coordinate Systems through Creative Movement New

Coordinate Systems through Creative Movement is an in-depth residency program designed to support and enhance classroom progress through creative movement and kinesthetic learning.  Groundworks teaching artists take the academic concepts of coordinate systems (including axes, coordinates, origin, and plotting) and create new connections and understanding through creative movement, experiential learning, and physical embodiment.  There is a common belief that you never forget how to ride a bike – and it’s true.  Once you have learned something through physical internalization, the memory of that information lives in you.  By teaching our students academic topics through their minds AND bodies, we are implementing the same strategy.  The program introduces the basic tools and terms of dance through activities structured to increase curiosity, creative problem solving, communication, teamwork, trust, and respect.

Goals for the program include:

  • Enhancing and supporting the understanding of academic core standards and principles through movement.
  • Encouraging creative problem solving.
  • Increasing focus and interest in academic subjects.

Bringing together artists and educators to create a unique and valuable experience.