Module Four

Creative Spaces:
Out of School Programming

May 17, 2019 | 12-5pm


The Inspiration Center
at the Center for Arts-Inspired Learning
10917 Magnolia Drive
Cleveland, OH 44106

As the trend in out-of-school time programming grows, the need for qualified and confident teaching artists must match it. Module 4 is a continuation in CAL’s mission to provide ongoing professional development for individuals working with youth through the arts.

The unique challenges of out-of-school time programming present a need for teaching artists to quickly adapt in multiple roles as a mentor, teacher, artist, and caregiver.

Participants will gain tools to confidently provide and support creative programming to youth across multiple age bands and settings.


  • Participants will explore creating arts program culture as it connects to safety, resilience, choice, collaboration, and empowerment for diverse group of participants.
  • Participants will understand the role of mentorship as it connects to arts based programming.
  • Participants will demonstrate an understanding of project-based learning through 21st century and entrepreneurial principles.


All participants who successfully complete the module and corresponding assessment piece will be awarded a digital badge representing their knowledge and competency. A digital badge provides evidence of achievement as a result of participation and specific accomplishment as completed during and after the module. Digital badges may be included in an online portfolio and/or other micro-credentialing sites, such as Mozilla Backpack.

Session presenters:

Emma Parker
Artistic Director 
Center for Arts-Inspired Learning

Ryan Upp
Resident Teaching Artist
Center for Arts-Inspired Learning

Caitlin Reilly
Roster Teaching Artist
Center for Arts-Inspired Learning