Module Five

Creative Inclusion: Arts Learning for Integrated Programs

January 25, 2020 | 10am-4pm


CAL's Studio 105
1470 E. 105th Street
Cleveland, OH 44106

Program Overview

This fifth module will focus specifically on building the capacity of teaching artists across Ohio to provide exceptional services to students with disabilities. Teaching artists will receive six hours of intensive training that will impart the knowledge and skills to effectively and confidently instruct inclusive, equitable arts programming.


  • Participants will explore creating a supportive space for fully inclusive arts programing
  • Participants will explore and utilize adaptive tools for working with students of multiple abilities to integrate into their own programming
  • Participants will learn how to incorporate individualized student goals and benchmarks into arts program utilizing the Universal Design for Learning
  • Participants will gain confidence in adapting lesson plans to meet the needs of all students within their program, by exploring the various types of abilities they may face


All participants who successfully complete the module and corresponding assessment piece will be awarded a digital badge representing their knowledge and competency. A digital badge provides evidence of achievement as a result of participation and specific accomplishment as completed during and after the module. Digital badges may be included in online portfolios and other micro-credentialing sites, such as Mozilla Backpack.

Session presenters:

Emma Parker
Artistic Director 
Center for Arts-Inspired Learning

Lynn Ward, Ed.S
Special Education Consultant